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Something Wicked This Way Comes

there is nothing neither good nor bad

2/19/06 07:37 pm - neetobruce - another revamp

will_is_love got revamped again. if you'd like to check it out.

feedback is greatly appreciated.

can't wait for the summer. should be interesting.

Boys....you're gonna hate me for the costumes I'm gonna make you wear....who knows though huh? you may love them!

2/6/06 03:54 am - neetobruce - new page up and running

hey folks.
the theme is set to macbeth now...haha.
please let's starts discussions for YTE.
the feedback is appreciated. and look at this page as your sounding board for thoughts and ideas.
and speak up now.

you may not get to during camp.

7/19/05 04:13 am - neetobruce

more yte picsCollapse )


7/14/05 02:16 pm - mcfingerselects

If you happen to read this before you leave for rehersal tonight, Nicole please bring me the skirt. I would appreciate it and I would love you forever. Thank you.

6/30/05 10:41 pm - pinkhoney - Hello.

This is kind of deserted.

Nicole, I think you should give this community a pretty layout.
And post the cast list.
Pretty please?


6/14/05 04:55 pm - mcfingerselects

Nicole, please don't use the chourus at the pole. At least not for very many scenes. I think it would be cool if they were on stage a lot it would be fine, but i don't think that the pole really works.

5/27/05 11:25 am - neetobruce - just checking in

whew......not everyone has picked up their script, i hope everything is okay.

5/27/05 01:21 am - neetobruce - the start

I'm going to post, to kick things off. There are 24 kids signed up, i closed out the registration finally, i am sad that lauren will not be there but i cna't make her do it if she doesn't want to.

i want to eliminate the double casting of romeo and juliet. i just hate the idea. it's not mine, the powers that be decided before i got there and it's honestly just made everything ridiculous. now if i am shooting myself in the foot for not having a back up, as it were, well then my bad, but i have faith that whoever i cast can handle it. and i will make damn sure that they can. auditions are gonna be rigorous and tough but fun so i hope everyone is up for this. i hope this camp goes well. i know i am putting myself under a microscope more than anyone i just don't want everyone to feel like, without breshaun in charge the camp can't work, ya know?

phew...... here goes something.
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