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the start

I'm going to post, to kick things off. There are 24 kids signed up, i closed out the registration finally, i am sad that lauren will not be there but i cna't make her do it if she doesn't want to.

i want to eliminate the double casting of romeo and juliet. i just hate the idea. it's not mine, the powers that be decided before i got there and it's honestly just made everything ridiculous. now if i am shooting myself in the foot for not having a back up, as it were, well then my bad, but i have faith that whoever i cast can handle it. and i will make damn sure that they can. auditions are gonna be rigorous and tough but fun so i hope everyone is up for this. i hope this camp goes well. i know i am putting myself under a microscope more than anyone i just don't want everyone to feel like, without breshaun in charge the camp can't work, ya know?

phew...... here goes something.
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